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When life knocks you down, we can help you up.

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We’re by your side from beginning to end.

If you have reservations about getting a lawyer, trust us — you’re not alone. But speaking as a small, client-centered firm, we can assure you that our only priority is helping you get through this as efficiently and painlessly as possible. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

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Family Law & Criminal Defense Attorneys in Iowa City & Throughout the State

We’ve been representing the people of Iowa since 1975, and we can fight for you, too.

Between our two attorneys, our firm has decades of experience handling a wide variety of legal concerns. Whether you need a strong criminal defense, guidance through a family law matter, or unwavering representation in juvenile court, we’ve got you covered.

Each member of our team is a subject matter expert in his respective field.

We’ve teamed up to offer diverse, high-quality legal services to the people throughout the state. How do we do it? Simple: we follow a “divide and conquer” mentality. When you come to us for help, we’ll set you up with the attorney who knows the relevant area of law inside and out.

As a small firm, we can give your case our full and undivided attention.

The best part about choosing a boutique law firm is that no matter which attorney you’re working with, you’ll get the specialized attention you and your case deserve. Each of us believes firmly in listening to our clients, educating them on their options, and promptly returning their calls.

Leon F. Spies


Leon, our in-house criminal defense attorney, has successfully defended clients accused of both violent and non-violent crimes at the state and federal level. In other words, no matter how severe the charges against you, he’s up for the challenge.


Joseph C. Pavelich


When family law is the topic of concern, Joe is the guy to see. Joe’s wide-ranging knowledge includes Iowa divorce, unmarried child custody matters, modifications, appeals, children in need of assistance cases, juvenile delinquency, and adoption.


From family matters to criminal investigations, we know how to handle your situation.

We know this situation looks bleak, but you don’t have to lose hope. We have the expertise, the passion, and the dedication to see you through from beginning to end. Call us today.

Running into a legal issue — regardless of whether it involves a criminal charge or family law dispute — is a stressful experience at best. One day, you’re going about your business; the next, you’re up to your ears in legal paperwork and procedures. That’s no one’s idea of a good time.

At Spies & Pavelich, we understand how overwhelming and life-altering a legal issue can be. That’s exactly why we work so hard to take our clients’ concerns and turn them into productive, lasting solutions.


When we say that we’re a client-centered firm, we aren’t just telling you what we think you want to hear. We genuinely want to help you achieve your goals so you can move toward a brighter, healthier future. This mindset is the reason that we have been awarded such a high rating from Martindale-Hubbell — an organization that recognizes law firms who provide the highest quality of service to their clients.